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Hi everyone, wanted to share with you my experience with nail fungus. My right hand nail had fungus since last 10 years, it was all white and separated from the skin, only 10% was attached to the skin. I had oral medication but it had side effects on me so I left it. I applied many medicines but no use. Then I tried this simple method and my nail is 100% cured now. Yes! 100% cured after 10 years. Ok, it's very simple. I didn't cut all the defected part of my nail, I cut it normally as other nails but I keep its nail cutter seperated and don't use it on other nails. I've mixed apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide 3% solution ( u can easily get it from medical store) 50-50 quantity in a dropper (that is normally used for eye drops medicine). First of all I put 2 drops of this solution on my nail and inside it to reach the skin(coz it was seperated from the skin) and let it soak. Then I put Tea Tree Oil 2 drops again on the nail and inside it and let it soak. After that in the end I put vaseline on my nail and inside it and rub it for a minute. I repeat this process 2 times a day (morning and night). In just 2 months my nail is 100% cured. And yes another important thing is to save ur nail from water as much as possible. I do wash my hands but I put gloves when I've to wash dishes or wash my hair. Hope it helps you coz I really had no hope to see my nail normal again but this remedy was a magic!!

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Soak your feet in water mixed with white vinegar. I have had toe/foot fungus for years. This has worked! Soak once a day, everyday.

mugdha kushwaha

really it works?? coz ..m also suffuring wid this prob in my left hand finger ,since 1 year nd hv taken lots of antifungal drugs bt no result found....


ofcourse it works. My nail is normal again. Just remember to put gloves when u wash dishes are do other water works, and put vinegar, tea tree oil and vaseline 2 times a day. In about 1-2 months it'll be cured. I left using these after it was cured and its about 4-5 months I don't use anything, but I think for safety I'll keep on applying the vaseline or tea tree oil from now. And please don't take any drugs for this because the oral medication for this problem has many side effects.

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