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It was very tiny at first in my ass and i paid no attention to it,am elton a university student, a bi-sexual and have no idea what it was. After some weeks it multiplied and was growing bigger.i then decide to get on the internet and find out what it was and omg i found out it was genital warts. At first i got confused since i always use condoms. With the embarrassment i was going to go through i decided to cure it my self , so i saw the homes remedies site and after reading ,i wanted to try
first i got some medication vitamin c, foligrow to boost my immune system,and bought Apple cider vinegar(ACV) ,hydrogen peroxide.
Always make sure u clean the area when u bath then with the hydrogen P, you clean the warts.
It will turn white to show all the warts including the small ones.
I then applied the ACV in cotton then place it on the warts for some hours ,damm it was painful so i decided to have have two bottles of ACV thus one bottle was diluted with 50% of water which i used in the morning.
The other bottle is not diluted and thats what i use in the evening before i sleep.
It worked all my warts are gone. Trust me it hurts but its just a good way to cure genital warts. ACV , hydrogen P did the job.
FYI, u will get some wounds as u go through this treatments but vitamin E oil and joy ontiments will cure that.don't give up because of the wounds , u are not alone.

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Is it ok to use running alcohol instead of peroxide?

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