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Someone told me to go to chiropractor and get adjusted. HUMMMM! I think I'll try that.

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Chiropractors do more harm than good


I completely agree that a spinal adjustment from a competent chiropractor is a good move when dealing with restless legs. I've had the same experience, and it just makes sense that if the skeletal structure is out of alignment, pinching the nerves, one result will be problems in areas served by the nerves affected. For me, the hips, pelvis and knees have been involved with my restless legs. There have been times that it took more than one adjustment over a few days to completely resolve things, due to having let the misalignment go on too long before correcting it, but usually I get relief right away. Another factor is potassium deficiency, so be sure you're getting enough in the diet and, if necessary, supplementation. Just be sure the supplements are natural, not synthetic. One good source recommends potassium citrate. Stretching exercises are very helpful as well.


I always just thought that choiropractors were harmless quacks that occasionally gave decent massages until one told my friend that he could cure her very young son's ear infections. So lets risk permanent auditory damage by thinking that an 'adjustment' is the answer.


If you believe that chiropractic is unhealthy, then by all means, stay away from it. Your ignorant assumptions about the risks are of no use to anyone. Don't give advice or warn others to stay away from something that could be the cure for their pain. I am a patient of chiropractic and I have studied the art thoroughly. Never, in written history, has any licensed chiropractic physician caused the death of any human, but the same cannot be said for medical doctors. Check the statistics on doctor induced deaths ever year in the United States. More people die each year at the hands of modern medicine than the total number of American soldiers lost in Viet Nam. Don't be the sheep lead to slaughter by the propaganda machine that is the American Medical Association.


I am sure that many SICK people die while under a physician'a care. No one said that choiropractors kill people. I just went to site sympathetic to choiroprators and among the things that they claim that they can cure are gastrointestinal issues, asthma, colds, flus, fertility issues, ear infections, etc. Hmmmmmm By all means include choiroctors along side magnets, bars of soap, and tree roots in your heal;th care arsenal.


RLS is not something a Chiroprator can fix.


I'm saying that from experience, if you decide to go to a chiropractor.... Do NOT let them adjust your neck. Luckily I survived a chiropractic induced stroke almost 5 yrs. Ago. I will never go to another! You have arteries n your neck they can damage!!! So To Shelley and people like her saying it's ignorant to advise others to stay away from chiropractic "care", try googling chiropractic induced stroke. It's real and not worth it!! I LIVED IT! STAY AWAY FROM CHIROPRACTORS!!!

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