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If you can't afford going to the dentist, try this:
1. Put clove oil on the affected area.
2. Use onion or garlic on the affected areas.
3. Use a mouthwash with alcohol, like Listerine.
4. Brush with sensitivity toothpaste.
5. Use salt and pepper.
6. Use cayenne pepper.
7. Crush cloves and put the crushed cloves on the affected area.
8. Use vanilla extract, almond extract, lemon extract, or pepper mint extract.
9. Stop eating at fast food restaurants. You can get better for you food at home.
10. Ice and Antibiotics.

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I also brush my teeth eveyday but just have weak teeth! I really dont think you should jump to conclusions. Make sure you are perfect before you start taking trash!


I have gastropareses and severe reflux. My stomach acid is literally dissolving my teeth. I'm disabled on a fixed income and my last estimate was well over $5000 to repair my teeth. No dentist will accept medicare/medicaid or if they do they only want to pull the teeth instead of heal them. I'm in agony and since becoming disabled; it's painfully clear that I'm a second class citizen and will only get the cheapest rather than the best medical care. So I guess I'm destined to suffer the mutilation of all my teeth eing pulled and replaced with ill fitting cheap wellfare dentures.


LOL @ your idiotic comment that people with tooth pain/bad teeth eat fast food and don't brush their teeth. Obviously, you haven't heard of genetics that cause teeth/gum disease that leads to bad teeth/cavities. Get a grip! If you've never had a toothache, I hope you get one! That way you will know what the majority of people feel like when they DO have one.

@ the comment about people being able to afford vodka but not go to the dentist....REALLY!?!?! You can buy a cheap, small bottle of vodka for a few bucks....dentists charge a few HUNDRED dollars.

This is a place to HELP people....NOT chasitise them for having toothaches....SMH...


You do know that wisdom teeth cause tooth aches, right? No matter how well you take care of your teeth, you will still get pain from a wisdom tooth.
Not to mention several underlining diseases can cause tooth decay, sensitivities and infections. Be it cancer, immune disease, medications or a blood condition.

Though you are considerate for posting ideas for solving toothache issues, you're also a colossal dick for assuming everyone with a toothache doesn't practice dental hygiene and only eats at fast food joints.

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