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So I tried about 10 different methods, then I came up with my own and it worked in 5 minutes about. So get your toothpaste and squirt some in a bowl then add some baking soda then some peroxide and Listerine and mix it together the mixture won't be thick but not soupy but if it is add some more baking soda or toothpaste which ever you want. Then brush with that for 5 minutes then spit and rinse with warm water for 2 minutes. And your teeth will be pearly almost.

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So I tried this and my gums were stinging it might have been because I tried the first post for yellow teeth up here. It has worked. My teeth weren't yellow yellow but up there, and after this they are off-white. Hey good enough for me, because my gums are still bloody and just recovered minutes from soreness I will try again in a week but my teeth do feel much healthier and cleaner. Feels like I just left the dentist and it didn't leave behind a nasty taste. However it is a scary moment


So I tried this one, not bad did notice a difference in that 5 minutes. But I added a numbing agent anbesol is what I used. No pain and teeth are a bit whiter.

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