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** Do Not Let The Garlic Sit Touching Your Skin. This forms a big blister!

I cut a small piece of garlic, just the right size to sit on top of the wart without touching the surrounding skin. Crushed the garlic a bit to make sure it was juicy. Then i got some masking tape, carefully balance the garlic on the wart and tape it there. Be sure garlic is touching the wart only, and not your skin. Leave it on overnight, or I think even just 4 - 6 hours works.
The next day, after you've removed the garlic, the wart goes hard/dry. Another day and it has black spots on top. About 2 days later the whole wort has become a scab and peels off, leaving fresh new skin underneath!

I have not tried the other remedies that include turmeric and vit C, etc. Seems to me they work faster? This method takes over a week i think - but just letting you know, even if all you have is garlic, it works REALLY well! The only warning is that the garlic is really powerful and if you leave it for hours touching your skin, you'll get a huge painful blister that takes daaays to go away. The good part is - the warts are completely gone - 100% pure new happy skin :)

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very careful with a garlic it make a hole in your skin if you have a sensitive skin after a infection will be worst then a mole do not applied in the face, under arms or genitals.


Garlic worked for me. It took a while though

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