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I've been getting migraines since I was 31 now and have tried almost everything! September of 2012 was when I decided to give up cigarettes. My decision of quitting had nothing to do with my migraines. I never even thought about to be honest..until a couple weeks after I quit..I noticed that I didn't my get weekly migraine/s like usual..and ever since then, the number of migraines I get and the pain level, decreased dramatically!! I used to get em' 2-4 times a week! Ever since I quit..I might get a migraine once every 2 weeks or so..sometimes less than that! I know this is a hard task to achieve for most smokers, but getting my migraines down to once every 2 weeks or so, was totally worth it! Hope this helps someone :)

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I never had migraines before I came to college. I am now a third year and my migraines have gotten progressively worse. I'm really glad that you quitting smoking seems to have worked. The only thing I know that's different since my migraines have increased is that I have also quit. I'm not sure that that is the reason, and I'm definitely not about to start smoking again, but it seems like an odd coincidence. Everyone's different and I'm glad that it seems to have made things better for you

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