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concerned mommy

I tried this with my 9 year old son after he had somehow gotten several plantar warts on his foot after going to a pool. I applied clorox on a cotton ball and rubbed this over the warts a couple times a week and let it air dry...Wa la warts are gone, Never soak your foot in clorox just dab it a little with the cotton ball. You will be amazed.

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Btw, it's ' voila'... it's a French word meaning
' and there it is', or 'there you have it'.

concerned mommy

I can't believe you are more concerned about one word being correctly used or spelled than the real reason I wrote this. I wrote this to help others as I have been through the ringer to try and cure my son of these terrible warts. The cutting and freezing and using blister beetle juice at my sons foot doctor was a nightmare. I did this to help anyone who has ever had to to go through this and who has spend lots and lots of money like me at a foot doctor who did nothing more than take my money and prescribe medicines that we did not even need because they in truth did not work. I tried everything so did you try this and if so please tell us if it worked for you? Other wise only positive feedback please!


I agree with mom


I am battling with 1 under my left foot for years! This sounds like an easy method that I can try and I'm going to try it...


Where can I get Clorox and is it sold by any brand name...I'm from India


Clorox is bleach. ^^


My husband uses this method for poison ivy since he's highly allergic & it works for him, but for the warts .... How long did it take to clear ??

wart man

I agree with correcting your spelling and grammar first as well.


Thanks for the tip. My daughter is 5 and has two on here toes. I will give it a go.

And for the 'spell check' person get stuffed!!!

a concerned mom

you will see a difference very quickly but don't give up. Just a little and see what happen. Everyone is different some remedies work and some do not for some but I have read where it can take up to 3 years to get rid of these evil demons! They do eventually go away though. Hope this helped someone today. When I went to have them surgically removed the doctor will not tell you that they are microscopic and they can be all around the area where it was cut out from causing them to spread further. Be aware of this for your foot doctor will not tell you this. This is just another way to get your money because you will have more grow back even double where he cut them out the first time. My son had only 2 small ones and afterwards they looked clustered. I began by putting a small a very small amount of Clorox on them and they went away. If you see one come back just keep putting it on it. It will eventually kill it! Good luck and please come back and let me know if this helped in any way?

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