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dr. pam

I had an exposed nerve on my tooth AND there was inflammation in the gums. I thought back pain was bad but this was worse because it wouldn't go away. What worked for me until I could go to the dentist was to constantly have cold water with baking soda in my mouth. I would of course spit it out and just refill. You don't have to use too much baking soda, maybe about 1/2 teaspoon in a large glass of water. Take sips and swirl it around your mouth. As long as the solution was in there, the pain was less. And BTW, I tried garlic, bread, alcohol, putting aspirin directly on it and nothing worked. And now, here's the REALLY good long term thing about this: after I got my root canal and the pain and inflammation under control with antibiotics, I started flossing regularly (yes, I wasn't before and that probably contributed to my problem). Absolutely NO BLEEDING in my gums. I think that the constant swishing around of baking soda in my mouth must have gotten rid of any plaque or infection in my mouth. My routine now is to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth dipped in baking soda, then floss, then do Parodontax mouthwash. I do have a flare-up of bleeding in a tooth every now and then but it seems to go away quickly with this routine. I hope this helps someone. Tooth pain is the WORST pain ever! Good luck everyone!

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