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There is a simple solution to this...Forget all that garlic in the poon...douche and all that fun stuff. One word. Soap. Soap is your friend. Wash that thing every now and then. Give your poon a good scrubdown on a regular basis...

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Dude, whoever the hell you are, im going to find you and sit on your face with my 'infected poon' BEFORE I embark on the necessary measures to cure it, and since it would appear you have the tactlessness of a child, it will 'presumably' be the most action you could hope to get for rest of what I can only imagine to be your adolescent life. You obviously can't interact maturely on the internet with other women , so I'm sure your actual socail skills leave something to be desired, to say the least. And if you got the reaction you wanted from thes something to be desired, to say the least. And if you got the reaction you wanted from these poor women (who have struggled more than your punk ass can comprehend), you need some nice therapy and a good psychiatrist. At least a child would have an excuse for being rude. They don't know any better. So I ask you what the fuck is you're damage pray tell, mr nipple punk? Small penis? Closet homosexual? Bullied and this makes you feel better? No girlfriend that couldn't be more obvious, you have to be able to empathize and communicate on thier level. May you get crotch rot so bad its reeks of dead bird, you wont need a penis anymore because it falls off, but not before you scare off a woman or two with such a humiliating affliction. Your an insensitive ass so there is no helping you. Most unfortunate... (-_-) However, women who have BV, treat and cure it everyday, and if your an unsympathetic woman, you will eat your words. Please god, if you are one of the collective that people are calling 'next generation' there really is no hope for the human race.


To Mr Poon...first of all, you must have encountered a woman with BV and translated it into her being dirty. This is by far, must also have met more women with it, then not..therefore, u are scorned..u actually took time to find this site, so someone around u has it...feel safe in knowing shes not cheating..also know that soap makes it worse...if u understood or took time to understand the dynamic of a woman's makeup, you wouldnt say something as general and immature...anyway...I never had it til 3 yrs ago, its a terrible experience. I try everything. BV Essentials sells an organic pill oTC, and it works..I have started Acidophillus today, and the Vit C pure. I guess taking acide supplements wont hurt :) Thank you all very much, I was feeling quite hopeless til now.


Definitely agreed you don't know what you are talking about!!

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