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There is a simple solution to this...Forget all that garlic in the poon...douche and all that fun stuff. One word. Soap. Soap is your friend. Wash that thing every now and then. Give your poon a good scrubdown on a regular basis...

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Some soaps have been known to cause pH imbalances in a lot of women, thus causing yeast and bacterial infections of the vagina.

I Hate Stupidity!

You are an ignorant individual. You're coming on this site telling people to use soap to cure something, which in fact, soap can be one thing that can CAUSE the problem!! You're talking DOWN to people, when in fact, YOU are on here and must have searched a natural remedy for it yourself!!


I actually have to shower 4 times a day I have OCD and I still get bv due to my iud puttin off my ph balance


You're funny. I DO use soap. You must be a teenage boy or something to be so ignorant of how the female body parts work. If you're not a male, I hope you get BV for being such an ass.


This is THEEEE dumbest comment!


My doctor told me that my BV was cause by showering too much. You need just as much bad bacteria as you do good bacteria to balance your PH. If you shower too much you can wash away the bacteria that you need, then knocking your ph balance off.


BV has NOTHING to do with good hygiene. That was very ignorant to say.


This is a comment coming from someone with the screenname 'nipplemaster5000.' I think it's safe to say some little troll was on a big-kid site before his mommy and daddy told him it was time to turn off the computer and go to bed.


Your very ignorant , if you knew about BV you'd know that some soaps can cause it. I shower every single day , and I had BV for 2 years.


Shut the fuck up dumb bitch! Your shit probably smell worst than anyone elses.

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