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I have been getting these unpleasant issues lately. It's after pharmacy hours and I can't get my prescription till tomorrow morning. So I'm in desperate need of relief. This is what lead me to this site. I read almost all the posts here. I didn't have the guts to go the peroxide route so I tried a salt and water wash. It lead to a little relief. So I took it a step further as some have done and I did the salt in my whoo hoo. It wasn't the most pleasant thing but it helped get all the discharge out of there. After rinsing with warm water I patted dry with a clean towel, coated with A&D (figured it helped sooth my kids diaper rashes) and then topped with some baby powder. I am feeling so much more relief. Thank you to everyone who has posted and helped out.

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that worked great so far I want to thank u it help

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