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I have to agree with the 50% Listerine, and 50% apple cider vinager remedy. I have used that mixture for 3 weeks now, and both nails are almost as thin as they were years ago when they were normal.
I have tried about half a dozen ointments, nail fungus liquids, etc... and none of them worked. Some of them even smelled like stinky socks (my wife hated those especially). However, the Listerine and apple cyder vinager has done in 3 weeks what the others didn't do in 12 months. And, it doesn't smell half bad.
I didn't believe it when I first read it on this site, but since the cost is a fraction of the cost of many of those so called cure ointments, I thought 'what the heck.'
Whoever came up with that remedy, thanks so much! Nails should be back to normal in a couple of more months!

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Soak your feet in water mixed with white vinegar. I have had toe/foot fungus for years. This has worked! Soak once a day, everyday.


i am having a fungal nail in my thumb for 3 yrs now. went to different docs. tried all different expensive tablets. but looks like none of them r working on my fungal nail.

please some one suggest me some homw remedies please?

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