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You can just use some WARM WATER. Make sure that it is lukewarm. It is just hot enough. Take a metal spoon and scoop up some water lie down on your side with affected ear facing ceiling. Insert half of the water in your spoon of until you hear crackling and fizzling in your ear. If your affected ear isn't that bad, just lie on your side for 10 seconds. IF YOUR EAR WAS INFECTED OR STABBED BY A Q TIP, BOOBY PIN, DON'T DO THIS JUST INCASE! Shake the water out in a trash can or sink and your ear should be good! Do the same with the other ear.

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Fuck you


UMMM nice that is the last thing I was expecting....However thanks for the idea, I knew there was something else that would work instead of paying $9 for something over the counter.

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