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I just bought a home in September. Since then I've only been poison ivy free maybe three or four weeks total and its been five months. I've spent a fortune on tecnu, ivy block and the like without much success or relief. It was getting so bad I thought about selling my dream home and moving back to the city. I found the website and read every post. I had tried most of them with mixed results. Even tried the bleach cure. That was not fun but I was desperate. My frustration is that no-one has found a way to detect the oil so you don't know if your treatment has worked especially when you are trying to sanitize your clothes, gloves or tools. you have to pray you got it all. I had been thinking of potential cures for a very long time. Then one day on my way from work, it hit me. We're dealing with an oil. As a kid working on bikes, I use to get grease and oil all over me. I use to keep a tub of this stuff called Goop in the garage. It was a miracle cleaner. No matter how greasy or oily you were, Goop would dissolve it in seconds. So I diverted from going home and went straight to the hardware store. They didn't have Goop but they had GoJo Original and it looked just like the Goop tub I remembered. So I bought it. For me, I always know when I'm getting the rash because I can feel a tingling or burning sensation in the affected area. I woke up one morning with the worst case scenario, I had it on my face. I very carefully applied the GoJo on the affected area and let it sit until it felt like a lotion on my skin. (maybe a minute or two at most). Then I carefully washed it off with a washcloth. By the end of the day I could tell it wasn't getting any worse. By the next day, you couldn't tell it was there. yeah. Then I got it again, this time in like five different locations. The directions say to wet your skin first but it's not necessary if you don't have water available. So I hopped in the shower and covered myself from head to toe with the GoJo before getting wet. I rubbed it in till it felt like I was covered in a lotion. Then washed it off with just water and then washed my whole body off with normal soap and water. That was yesterday. Today the rash has not gotten any worse and the affected areas have started drying out and peeling. A sign I've come to recognize as it healing. The best thing about the GoJo Original, is that I've found it for $3.99 and $1.99 per tub. I now have a tub in every bathroom, kitchen, my workshop, my tractor, and a tub in my desk at work just in case I start getting the early warning tingling while at work. There are similar products like Gogo Orange or something with the word orange in it. I did not try out the orange products nor will I unless there is no more GoJo Original in the state of Geogia! The GoJo Original is like a gel that quickly turns into a lotion like substance as you work it in. I've found the orange products in liquid form and that's not what I used as a kid, so I stayed away from them. Hope this works for you. Who ever makes the first urushiol detector is going to be rich! Just saying.

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I just to my Walmart and bought some goop I just now used it, thanks for the tip I hope it works I'm disparate its driving me nuts I hate going to the dr and I am trying everything I can to avoid it, I'll let u know if it works for me too.


@ Kendra

any update???? how did it work for you? my youngest has started breaking out again after the last bunch is almost fading. Bites not knowing...comb the yard, and treating areas found, but its the not knowing where the others may be or IF its just the remaining oils left causing problems or coming in on the new puppies when they play in the yard. grr

Itchy, Rashy BJ

I go to my garden every summer & forget how badly I got poison ivy the year before until it's too late. I'll try anything at this point (excluding a dr's visit). I've been using a spray, IVY DRY. It helps stop the itching but the rash isn't getting any better. I think I'll try the GOOP. I'll let you know if that works. I'd just like to thank everyone for their suggestions.


I just tried this. The blisters don't look as much like blisters and appear more dry and rash like. I will try it again shortly and follow up with a shower. I will book mark this and respond accordingly.


Alright , I tried this multiple times the same evening after my first applicaton on a sunday and it reduced the blisters substantially. I was consistent with it the following few days. I still visited the Dr. on Monday and got some triamcinolone acetonide cream. It was mostly wiped out by weds. No steroids. That is completely amazing to me. First time in *MANY years I was able to get rid of it without prednisone. I would recommend trying goop or gojo. Also ... I used gojo orange with no issues.


GoJo and Goop are nothing more than whipped up kerosene with a skin softener. You can see it turn back into kerosene if you leave it for a long period of time. I found a jug in the back of my shop and it was all liquid.
Kerosene is a great way to break down any grease.


GoJO handcleaner in automotive section,THANKGOD

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