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Thank you ladies!!! Relief!!!! I didn't have all the fancy salt and ape cider vinegar and reading it all was overwhelming but I got warm water 2 caps each of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar and lots of salt! It burned but not as bad as it itched so I held it on my lady parts and cleaned the area well after I soaked it using a soft paper towel over and over again..... It has finally been a relief.... I was skeptical on the yogurt filled tampon and inserting garlic but this was much better than the creams I have been using I have had longer relief and they say yeast grows in a warm moist area so why keep it wet with creams!!! I plan to continue this regiment but THANK YOU! Too much antibiotics will make a woman crazy

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Hot water, lots of salt, white vinegar, peroxide, REALLY WORKS! Try it

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