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I have suffered with plantar warts on the bottom of my left foot for over 15 years. i have had several different treatments for them. They have been cut out. frozen and even injected with an antibiotic called bleomyicin twice. By accident, I found a very simple and painless solution. I was put on B-12 sublingual tablets 5000mg per day. these are over the counter. after a month i noticed that my largest one, the size of a dime, was half its size. after 6 months, they are all gone. My sone age 23, who also has them, is now taking the B 12 suglingual. it appears to be working on his as well. hope this can help some one else who is struggling, in pain, or just plain embarrased. I now feel cnfident enough to have pedicures again!

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We thought my daughter had a huge callus on her big toe, the size of her toe, but ugly, painful, and itchy. The doctor said it must be a callus and gently exfoliate. The next day she begged to stay home from school because it was so painful and then I saw 8 more under her toe. We showed dad who immediately said plantar warts! I googled it, and yes, the images online were exactly what she had on her foot!! So I read on this site about B12 and other remedies.

I ran out and bought gummy B12 supplements, painted with clear nail polish, gave her 5 B12 gummies a day, and by the next Friday (so just over a week and half) the warts fell off.


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