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When my friend shared this with me I was very doubtful but after suffering for nearly 30 years I have a solution. Put and unwrapped bar of IVORY soap underneath your bottom bed sheet.. I have not had such wonder nights of sleep since I was in my early 20s. No one can explain how or why it works but it does. Even on all the medications they tired nothing worked like this does. I have used it for about 5 wees now and not one night have I been kept up. The night before I found this idea I slept at the most 1 1/2 hours. I could not keep going like that any longer. PLEASE TRY IT It also stopped most of the leg cramps. Some people on the link she sent me tape sliver of it to their socks or carry a travel size in their pockets when flying

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Placebos work for up to 30% of the people. SURE WISH I WERE ONE OF THEM!!!


I use a spray called privic it works right away on my RLS


This technique did nothing for me. I am 66 years old and nearly crazy with sleepless nights. I hope someone has the solution for me but Ivory soap just didn't cut it.


Whee nude the sheet do you put the soap? Right under your legs?


I find that if I eat the soap, my breath smells like an Irish Spring, I can blow bubbles out of my arse and the restless legs just...COME ON PEOPLE! ThINK ABOUT IT! What good can putting a bar of soap anywhere in on or under your bed possibly do? I sure wish that I met people that suggestable when I was selling beach front property in Arizona!


Someone suggested this to me as well, but it didn't help at all!


Boy! What people come up with. :)


It must work, it was on the internet


The soap works for some people due to the mineral content in the soap that gets absorbed through the skin, much like a patch works. Minerals that people are often deficient in can be found in some soaps. This is not a placebo effect or as ridiculous as the soap eating person suggests. Your narrow mind and attitude aren't appreciated by people who truly suffer from this condition.


Dear rs: The person that made the original post puts the soap under the bottom sheet - it NEVER contacts the skin. Using your theory, RLS sufferers must not bathe or else they would absorb all those wonderfully imaginary minerals that you are talking about when they wash and no one would have RLS. Some people claiming relief from soap actually put it UNDER the mattress and once again -- NO CONTACT. It's a placebo.

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