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My acne began when I was 15. I am currently 17. Since I was 12 I've had a mild red rash around the sides of my nose which used to get irritated and dry but now it is just a consistent pale red. At 15 I got pimples on the centre of my face- cheeks, sides of the nose, chin and between my eyebrows. I never got acne on the sides of my face or on my forehead, it remained clear. The acne began to get worse, I did not use anything on it. I began using small amounts of concealer as I became self conscious about it. While I was 16 I began using full coverage foundations because it was worse. I never touched any products that weren't completely natural and my diet wasn't fantastic. But 6 months into this I changed my diet completely and started using natural products such as tea tree oil and paw paw cream and aloe Vera. I went on vacation for a week and forgot to bring my tea tree oil once and consumed popcorn (which makes me break out) and got an incredibly horrible deep pimple for 3 days. So I bought tea tree oil and it cleared up. I also was in an environment very close to the beach and by the end of the stay my skin was the best it had been for a long time. I tend to eat heaps of fruit and vegetables.
Now my face is at it's absolute worst, the acne has spread to the sides of my face mildly and I have (not very visible) bumps on my forehead. My cheeks rarely get pimples but contain a lot of scarring. My chin is the worst, it constantly contains whiteheads and often gets large pimples. Between my eyebrows also regularly gets small pimples. Here is my diet: I have cut out dairy, sugar, red meats, all processed food. I only eat fruit, veges, chicken, brown pasta, brown rice, etc. I drink 2 litres of water every day. I have 1c green tea every day, I have 1t of apple cider vinegar diluted every day. I use tea tree oil twice a day morning and night. I use apple cider vinegar as a toner once a day. I moisturise with extra virgin olive oil every day and use that to take off my make up. I have tried healthy natural chemical free make ups and they make literally no difference. I get plenty of sleep and am currently not working and have low stress levels. I exercise regularly and walk everywhere. My acne does not seem to be inflamed by my period. Although I get very light periods and often only every 2nd or third month- I am not sure why.. I eat the right amounts and don't over or under exercise. I never sleep with make up on. I wash my face twice a day + a shower. I recently started to exfoliate every few days with raw sugar and water syrup and it makes no difference although my face is smoother and softer. I have tried a natural green clay mask I bought... No difference. I use baking powder sometimes to exfoliate instead of sugar, it feels softer but never changed the acne. I replaced my shower water system with a filtered one to prevent aggravation and I make sure my showers are not too hot. I almost never touch my face although if I have a pimple I will pick it off if I'm about to go out, I know it's bad but it's just too visible otherwise.
If it helps, my skin is very fair and I have very thin hair which tends to get oily. I change my shampoo often and only use good quality ones (and conditioner) and I always avoid letting it touch my face. I don't get body acne except the tiniest occasional pimple or two on my chest neck or back, it's so faint though.
I have tried lemon juice, egg masks, clay masks, baking soda exfoliators, green tea, sugar exfoliation, red wine, tumeric powder... nothing makes it any better or worse.
I feel like it might be internal but my diet is absolutely flawless- no hormones, no dairy, no sugars.
and I haven't always done this so I don't think it's a deficiency.

I am exceptionally healthy, I use the right products, what do I do!?

I am so sick of this acne. NOTHING is working. Nothing makes ANY difference. I will never try anything that is not completely natural. What kind of acne is this? What do I do? please email me at if you have any suggestions.

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Hope C.

Please check your email for my suggestion. It works!


You should have a doctor check your Thyroid hormone levels, especially if one of your parents/grandparents has hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Good luck!


Mix oatmeal milk bananas in a blender and apply to face.. let dry then wash off.. if you don't want to use diary you could use water but Ive always used non processed milk.. hope that helps or jus try random face mask like an avacado one or one made from cocoa powder.. honey helps as well..


You said your hair is oily.. Try keeping your pillowcases washed everyday. That may be the problem.


it seems to me that you possibly suffer from difficulty in processing fats. to help with this it is recomended to eat foods rich in omega 3, such as sesame seeds and using sesame seed oil.
good veges to eats are yellow and green beta carotene foods - pumkins, and squashes, carrots, and also lots of leafy greens such as beet leaf, spinach, kale, chard, watercress, dandelion greens. chlorophyll is good, helping to purify the blood. seaweeds for a cooling effect. mung beans, alfalfa sprouts.
try not to eat spicy, or greasy food, as well as staying away from sweets and citrus fruits.
sweating is healthy, maybe try a sauna once in a while.
good herbs - sarsaparilla root
yarrow leaves
burdock seeda nd root
dandelion root
chaparral leaf
red clover blossoms

if you have constipation try rhubarb
i know you are self concious now so wear make up, but i would stop this completely no matter what natural product you use, it blocks up the pores. you might be shy a few days but you will be thankful in the long run. i know from my experiences with acne that if i forgot about it, other people did too, until it cleared up.
i would also recommend acupuncture of shiatsu, they can help tremendously with the causes of the acne.
all the best to you


I use 1 part castor oil to 2 parts grape seed oil with a few drops of tea tree oil thrown in. Don't use too much castor oil because it will dry your skin out at first, but make the acne worse in the long run. Also avoid coconut oil unless you're cooking with it or putting it in your hair; it can clog pores for most acne sufferers.
I couldn't believe this oil treatment at first, but I tried it and after a few weeks it was great! Put a hot wet face cloth on your face to start if you haven't showered; then put the oil on your face and then a hot wet face cloth. Let it sit until it has cooled down and then wipe the extra oil off your face. It's important to check that you got all of the oil, otherwise you could break out.
Also, when starting this routine, it might be helpful to do a honey and aspirin mask once a week (no more than once). Take 3 un-coated aspirin (or some aspirin powder) and crush them into powder. You can speed this up by putting some water drops on them so they start to dissolve. Mix the aspirin powder with some honey (raw honey is best if you can get it) and massage onto your face. Let it sit about 10 minutes before washing off with warm water. The honey heals and the aspirin has salicyilic acid in it which is found in acne medications.

George McBurney

You ar over exfoliating it will never go a way I am a plastic surgeon and people like you come into me All the time and need full face plastic surgery and also, way to much oil.. So this wash typir face with a steamy cloth and soap every night and morning (nothing else all week) and you MIGHT see a difference ... But you have done lost of the damage already 👌👍

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