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My acne began when I was 15. I am currently 17. Since I was 12 I've had a mild red rash around the sides of my nose which used to get irritated and dry but now it is just a consistent pale red. At 15 I got pimples on the centre of my face- cheeks, sides of the nose, chin and between my eyebrows. I never got acne on the sides of my face or on my forehead, it remained clear. The acne began to get worse, I did not use anything on it. I began using small amounts of concealer as I became self conscious about it. While I was 16 I began using full coverage foundations because it was worse. I never touched any products that weren't completely natural and my diet wasn't fantastic. But 6 months into this I changed my diet completely and started using natural products such as tea tree oil and paw paw cream and aloe Vera. I went on vacation for a week and forgot to bring my tea tree oil once and consumed popcorn (which makes me break out) and got an incredibly horrible deep pimple for 3 days. So I bought tea tree oil and it cleared up. I also was in an environment very close to the beach and by the end of the stay my skin was the best it had been for a long time. I tend to eat heaps of fruit and vegetables.
Now my face is at it's absolute worst, the acne has spread to the sides of my face mildly and I have (not very visible) bumps on my forehead. My cheeks rarely get pimples but contain a lot of scarring. My chin is the worst, it constantly contains whiteheads and often gets large pimples. Between my eyebrows also regularly gets small pimples. Here is my diet: I have cut out dairy, sugar, red meats, all processed food. I only eat fruit, veges, chicken, brown pasta, brown rice, etc. I drink 2 litres of water every day. I have 1c green tea every day, I have 1t of apple cider vinegar diluted every day. I use tea tree oil twice a day morning and night. I use apple cider vinegar as a toner once a day. I moisturise with extra virgin olive oil every day and use that to take off my make up. I have tried healthy natural chemical free make ups and they make literally no difference. I get plenty of sleep and am currently not working and have low stress levels. I exercise regularly and walk everywhere. My acne does not seem to be inflamed by my period. Although I get very light periods and often only every 2nd or third month- I am not sure why.. I eat the right amounts and don't over or under exercise. I never sleep with make up on. I wash my face twice a day + a shower. I recently started to exfoliate every few days with raw sugar and water syrup and it makes no difference although my face is smoother and softer. I have tried a natural green clay mask I bought... No difference. I use baking powder sometimes to exfoliate instead of sugar, it feels softer but never changed the acne. I replaced my shower water system with a filtered one to prevent aggravation and I make sure my showers are not too hot. I almost never touch my face although if I have a pimple I will pick it off if I'm about to go out, I know it's bad but it's just too visible otherwise.
If it helps, my skin is very fair and I have very thin hair which tends to get oily. I change my shampoo often and only use good quality ones (and conditioner) and I always avoid letting it touch my face. I don't get body acne except the tiniest occasional pimple or two on my chest neck or back, it's so faint though.
I have tried lemon juice, egg masks, clay masks, baking soda exfoliators, green tea, sugar exfoliation, red wine, tumeric powder... nothing makes it any better or worse.
I feel like it might be internal but my diet is absolutely flawless- no hormones, no dairy, no sugars.
and I haven't always done this so I don't think it's a deficiency.

I am exceptionally healthy, I use the right products, what do I do!?

I am so sick of this acne. NOTHING is working. Nothing makes ANY difference. I will never try anything that is not completely natural. What kind of acne is this? What do I do? please email me at if you have any suggestions.

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I had the same problem and I'm 22 now and still have trouble with acne. However, I drink a generous amount of water and use lemon and witch hazel as a daily toner and surprisingly it worked! It also controls my oil throughout the day. Try it because its cheap! It takes a few weeks but after a couple days I have noticed a difference. Since your sensitive cut down in the lemon intake but witch hazel helps with the inflammation anyways. Enjoy!


Hey.. I am 23 and Im having problems with acne too. Now I am using Clindamycin..Its an antibiotic to help treat the acne.. You can find it in Pharmacy.. I've been using it for two weeks and my acne is starting to get better.. You should try it.. Good luck :)


You might try mixing 2 parts castor oil to 1 part olive oil. I know it sounds weird, but put it on your face like facewash and let it set for a minute or two. Don't keep rubbing it in, just let it soak into your skin. Put a wet wash cloth in the microwave for about 30 seconds (to get it steaming) and then put it on your face. It will be kind of hot at first, but try and put it on as soon as is tolerable. Repeat with the wash cloth and wipe off any excess oil (there won't be much if any). The castor oil draws impurities out of your skin and the olive oil moisturizes. Again, it sounds so weird, but it's the only thing I've found that helps.


I'm 22 and I've been struggling with acne since I was 14. I tried every different facial wash and home remedy trick, but nothing worked. Finally, I caved and went to a dermatologist. She put me on doxycyclene and my skin has been so much clearer since. The only time I've had issues while taking the doxycyclene is when I get really stressed. Otherwise, it works great!


You should go to a dermatologist. It could be a really bad skin problem that needs prescription strength medicine.


you should try ivory soap. terrible acne runs in my family and that is what my aunt suggested i use; it works too! it takes atleast 8 weeks to show any improvment in using anything to treat acne. you can also try applying ice to your face before bed...


i know it feels so if you have been singled out for it while others have it so easy..especially when you are investing so much time and energy into it. I would recommend you go for the book acne free in 3 days. it does work wonders : ) if you want it mail me at abhinav(underscore)vats2002(at the rate)


Manuka Honey MGO +400, it is expensive for a honey but not for a face product it showed improvement in my skin overnight. My routine is I wash my face with Philosophy Purity one step facial cleanser with warm water to open up my pores then I dry my skin and put on the Manuka Honey as a full face mask and let it sit for 20 minutes then I rinse and put on philosophy hope in a jar moisturizer. Good Luck!


you should go to a doctor.or either dont stess too much,from what you wrote you worry too much.just chill out


i had acne really bad too but i mad my own home remidie adding a few popular ones and it did wonders for my skin i just added toothpaste + Baking soda + fresh tomato + honey + lemon juice and or lime juice blend together and use as a face mask leave on for 20 mins then rince off with warm water then scrub your face with baking soda paste (bakingsoda + water)bo this before bed every night u will see results instantly. if your skin begins to dry just use a honey mask every night befor bed leave it on for 15 mins then rinse it off leaving u with glowing skin. if u wanna spend a little bit of mone to help while u are using this remidies use blackmores skin hair and nails it is really good. good luck on finding the right remidie for you :)

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