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There is a new line of feminine products called Rephresh. Use them. The gel will clear the smell & discharge system within 3 days. Take the capsules if your BV returns to keep your vaginal pH down. No I'm not a spokesperson for them, just a 21 year old female with a sure-proof solution!! TRY IT!

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I, too, have had luck with this product. But if you plan on getting busy within a day of using it, be warned you do get a weird white chunky discharge.


It works but its very expensive and there are less expensive ways to cure it.


I definitely do not like the gel. Have used the capsules and it seemed to get the discharge under partial control but wasn't completely gone. Guess it only works for some.


I have tried it, and was severely allergic to it. If you're sensitive to parabens there is a product called Luvena which is all natural.

Miss Thomas

This actually only works for a few days...........honestly the vitamin c tablets works the best.......Ive tried everything ...........semen is the cause of bv ........saliva, too......(oral sex) in other words......douching , some soaps and tampons also......but to keep the embarassing smell dwn.....insert a vitamin c tablet once a day.......warning though the tablets burns the vagina....or gives the vagina a burning sensation, so try to take it at night ,every nite b4 bedtime


The info below is for all ages of women going through smelly private parts and vagina... doctors call it Bacterial vaginosis. Hope something works for you.

Represh gel works great -just use a little squirt each night and so one tube would last a few days than emptying the whole tube in one use. Continue doing daily that - use up one box. Usually Amazon price is the best or wait for sale at CVS, Walgreens or Walmart etc.

Use only low pH feminine wash (Vagisil) for private parts and not the regular body soap. This way you can maintain the vaginal pH to be in its normal acidic range (especially important for menopausal women). Be aware that when you change the bacterial numbers in the vagina, the fungus (yeast/Candida) will overgrow and cause another problem... yeast aka candidal infection which would need oher meds like Diflucan.

Every woman should take daily Folic acid, VIT B complex, Vit D, Vit C and A,E. Include live yoghurt (or Kefir) for calcium and active lactobacillus source. Eat greens, cheese, and citrus.

The fishy smell is due to a rogue bacteria called Gardnerella vaginalis and is not a sexually transmitted disease actually. That may need to be lab tested to be confirmed and if so you might need metrogyl treatment.

Online remedies that seems to work for women include: Vaginal insertion of Boric acid, Vit C, Represh gel, Lactobacillus (as yoghurt or capsule), Norform, Tea Tree oil etc. Washing methods include douches, vaginal cleansers, water with hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, yoghurt cleanse, etc. Be careful not to douche, create sores in vagina through irritating the vaginal mucosa and missing a STD infection.

BTW: Remove tampons every 2 hours and do not forget to remove it after periods etc...Toxic shock syndrome in girls leaving tampons IN for days can lead to death from staph toxins.

See a doctor if symptoms persist.

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