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After many frustrating visits to the podiatrist I have have had success in removing my very painful plantar wart on my left heel. This is what I did.

After reading the many accounts on this website I applied a combination of apple cider vinegar and salycylic stickers(40%).

Day 1- soaked area in ACV for one hour. Applied soaked cotton wool bud to wart with bandaid and tape. Covered with a sock for bed. Very painful. Needed pain killers to sleep.
Day 2 - removed tape in morning and applied salycylic stickers (3-4 stickers) to wart area and covered with band aid during the day.
That night, soaked wart again in ACV for one hour. Very very painful. Applied ACV soaked cotton wool pad and tape for night. However the wart became so painful I could not do entire night.
So removed an cleaned wart and finally slept.
Day 3 - Put salycylic stickers on again
No ACV at night. Decided to give the area a rest. By now he wart was turning black in areas. And the skin around the wart was white tender and raised. The heel was painful to walk on.
Day 4 - Salycylic stickers during day. Soaked foot at night. Could only endure 20 mins. Very painful. Applied ACV soaked cotton will for bedtime. But again could only take a few hours. As I could not sleep with the pain. Took tape and cotton wool off, cleaned area and went to bed.
Day 5 - Applied Salycylic stickers during day.
No ACV at night.
Day 6 - Salycylic stickers during day.
No ACV at night.
By now the area of the wart looked dead.
I shaved off the top dead skin with a schapel. I did this very carefully ( I used to be a model maker) no blood. Just removed top ayer to expose wart.
Day 7 - Salycylic stickers during day
Went for beach run in soft Wet sand.
Decided to soak foot again. Could only soak for 20 mins. Too painful. So painful that I had to take many pain killers to no avail. Pain finally subsided after 1 hour. I later realized that all the wart had gone and I was pickling fresh skin. That's why it was so painful.
Day 8 - By day 8 it seemed like the wart had been killed and new fresh skin was there in the place the wart had been. The skin surrounding the area was still tender.

Over the next few days I kept the area clean and would use an emery paddle to sand down the area to expose the new alive skin. I am now happy to report that the wart has gone! This ACV and Salycylic sticker treatment worked for me. I hope it works for u!

I am so happy that this simple and at times painful method has removed this annoying wart. Over the past 6 months the podiatrist had injected, lazered and tried to burn this sucker away. All to no avail. Actually during these podiatrist treatments the size of the wart increased from penny to quarter size.

I think the key was initially shaving off the top layer of the wart,so that the ACV could do its work and then using the 40% Salycylic stickers during the day. After day 3 I was slightly disappointed. As it was soooooo painful. But fortunately continued and endured the sometimes extremely painful ACV.

It is intended that my experience will give others the courage and faith to use a similar technique. It was my last resort, as I had become completely dissatisfied with the methods my podiatrist had applied.

Good luck.

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I am SO pleased with the apple cider vinegar treatment! Have had the ugliest and most painful deep plantars wart on my right heel for over two years. Even the slightest touch when pulling pants on would feel like a shard of glass. Saw two different dermatologists, one who suggested bleomycin (often used for cancer treatments) and the other who felt that laser treatment was my only option. Both scared the bejeebers out of me! So, while wintering in Florida this year, I decided to try a bunch of the treatments suggested for 'home cure'. First it was the Elmer's wood glue...nothing. Then, nail polish layers, and again nothing. Both of these were mainly poor because of the ease in coming off. Once home, I got out the bottle of ACV. Within a week, there was a very noticeable change! And now, a bit over two weeks after starting, it is almost entirely gone. I am shocked! This treatment is not without some pain, but when it got too bad, I'd simply take the ACV-saturated pad off my heel, and start again the next day. About every third day, I'd go w/o anything so the area would dry and then I'd go at that spot with an emery board. You have no idea how happy I am that I tried this. I am 66 y/o and felt like a misfit....haven't had a pedicure for over 2-1/2 years because I was so embarrassed. I must admit, I was a 'doubting Thomas' on trying this, but it worked for me and that's all that matters!!


I'm a week into the ACV treatment and frankly it is too painful to continue. I now have a very open and angry wound on my foot, which I struggle to walk on. It's a very old wart and is putting up a hell of a fight to stay alive. Not sure what my next course of action should be. Anyone else jettison the ACV before the wart was kaput?


I'm a week into ACV treatment combined with briefly wiping down with chlorox after an hour soaking warts in ACV. In the evening and day I put on Salicylic acid gel. It's very painful. Much worse than when I did nothing, but I hope that means they're dying. I'm not going to give up - so you shouldn't either!

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