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Hello all, thanks to you I found something that worked but I didn't see the exact same thing I done so I thought I'd post it.
After over a week with an aching aching tooth and the strongest meds given by the dentist and antibiotics doing nothing I came to this site. Seen the sensodine tooth paste and thought I'd try that except I also got a cotton ball and with twezers I dabed a piece of cotton ball (just enough to fill the open hole in on the tooth) in the paste. Then pushed it down inside the open tooth area. I got immediate relief. After everything else, this worked and although the other things worked well for a short time and only once, this is working every time. In addition to this, you can even drink with in it your mouth as long as your cotton isn't to big. The cotton kind of molds to the tooth and gum area and stays in quiet well. Of course, if youre eating g then just small things will be OK to eat with it in the mouth as long as you chew on the infected side. Try works well:-) ...thank God

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