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I recently turned 16. And I just found out I have GH. I still don't understand how I got it because I had been in a relationship with a wonderful guy that's honest, caring, and understanding. He was also a virgin.And we loved/trusted eachother enough to have intercourse unprotected. I made sure I got checked before we did anything though. Him and I were dating for about 9 months. I thouhght I had lost feeling and would be fine on my own because he's slightly older than I am so I felt like it was just a better idea if we were only friends. So being a teenager I decided to have a fling with a past friend.I had asked him before we did anything if he was clean making sure. He had just gotten out of a relationship as well with a girl for almost 2 years. About right after he took my virginity. They had both got checked for everything possible and they were clean.I started being sexually active when I was 14. Yes, I started young and I regret it. I feel very mature for my age because of the things I have been through. Anyways we had unprotected sex and immediately after I couldn't pee without pain, I was really sore down there, and I thought I just had a few 'razor bumps' from shaving with the wrong soap. I made an even bigger mistake. I slept with another past friend at a party because we all had gotten wasted.. the worst part is I didn't remember it. I had blacked out. So I went to the doctors the next day and they treated me for a UTI. A few days after that it still wasn't getting better. I had noticed more bumps and they were becoming more sore so I tried pinching them and putting ointment on them (bad idea) I went back to the doctors 5 days after only being able to pee in the shower because the water helped soothe it coming out. Sure enough he diagnosed me with GH. My world came crashing down! I honestly was on the verge of ending my life. It was the hardest drive home. I cried, screamed, and even tried screaming at God for what I had thought was his fault. I know it's mine. And know it's just another struggle I have to deal with. My doctor prescribed me HYDROCODONE for the pain to urinate because I had a lesion on my urethra. And the doctor had scrapped them all making me in excruciating discomfort. I got lucky enough to have my mom to support me. She has been doing anything she can. But lately I haven't gotten any enthusiastam to got to school because the pain to sit is unbareable just to drive. School is 8 hours long, most of the time your sitting. And I don't want to go to school high on pain killers just to be able to bare trough it.

My doctors told me to use a lot of vaseline to make it less uncomfortable to walk and make a barrier so it wouldn't spread. ( He was wrong this outbreak it still getting worse) But it does make it easier to walk and deal with. I am also on valaxcyclovir. That's to take away the outbreak but I'm still waiting for it to work. My appetite has lessened greatly. I have lost 6 pounds in 2 days. I have never been this depressed. But I'm taking in all the information you guys have shared. I'm sorry you guys are dealing with GH it's embarrassing. The only advice I have is cornstarch, vaseline if your going out, lots of heat, and make sure to wash your hands and anything that comes in contact with the area of out break.

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I notice that if stress about it, then it will keep coming back. Everytime I stress,its always right there


I'm finding out the same problem. Do you think when you wipe it spreads it? or shaing?


The problem with 'getting tested' as my old doctor explained to me, is that because the cost of the HSV testing is so high, when you ask to be tested for STD's, they don't add it as part of the regular panel.

I had many STF tests where HSV never showed up and many times that I was told my vaginal issues were due to my diabetes being uncontrolled. Therefore, I had been suffering for years.

Stress does help to make outbreaks more common as it helps aid in the break down of your immune system.

Don't let it bring you down, sweetie. It is liveable. I have a long time sweetie, whom I was intimate with 10 years ago. When I found out, he got tested and was cleared. When I left my husband three years ago, we got back together and have been together nearly three years.

He still has unprotected sex with me, as he desires. We just make sure I am not having an outbreak at that time, nor recently passed and I take Acyclovir daily for suppression.


I am 15 about to turn 16 and have been diagnosed with genital herpes since November of 2012. I know Exactly how you feel. It seems like our story is the same. I just want to say keep your head up and stay positive.


My dear, as painful and embarrassing as it is, this too shall pass. I just turned 50 yrs old. I was diagnosed at 20- ten days before my orders to report to basic training. I didn't pee for three days because of the excruciating pain. The running water shower did nothing for me. A catheter was inserted through my abdomen to allow me to void my bladder. I thought my life was over. The tube was removed 2 days before I left for the military. Occasionally urine would leak from the hole right below my navel.
Using reasonable deduction, I figured out who the donor was. Of course, he was on his way to Japan and refused to answer my calls.
For about 20 years I had no more outbreaks. I thought I was in the clear. I'd been married for many years before it reared its ugly head again. That was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever been faced with. So I just told him. To my suprise, he hugged me and asked what he could do to help.
By all means I don't recommend that you keep the diagnosis secret from your partner especially if you plan to spend the rest of your life together. And rember: CONDOMS ARE YOUR FRIEND!

19yr w/ GH

Im only a few years older than you and i was diagnosed about 3months ago with GH. I thought it was only a knick from shave the area but it was getting worst and my boyfriend of 5months now and i went to emergnecy room to find out that i had contracted GHi was devastated when i heard those words come of the doctors mouths n i still dont know how i got bc before i was my bf now i was with a different guy for two years but he wasnt truthful to me i heard from my old roommate and his old friend that he was cheating on me while i was working to provide for us and our four-legged kids so i never found out how i have gotten it and most likely will never know.
But, a few pieces of advice is that if you have at least one person that you could be open with do that because its only gunna make it easier for you to deal with this desease, also and one thing that is helping me for my second outbreak is espom salt will releave the itching and discomfort that also comes along with the itching.


I just recently turned 16 back in February. I just found out I have genital herpes yesterday. It's the worst pain in the world, and thinking about it just makes you even more depressed which makes the out break worse. Our stories are pretty the same, and I know what you're going through! Keep your head up, and smile. Your life isn't over, neither is mine. All these articles really have helped me through it too, knowing the fact that I'm not alone in this situation.


For thouse of you that wonder how you could have gotten GH, your not alone, I got it when i was turning 18, my mother came out of the hosp. after a stroke, Parilized on the left side. She was bed reiden for the rest of her life. for 15 years, i helped take care of her, half of my teenage years, when i had the first outbreak, i was still going to the child hood doctor. thinking i had hemroieds or something, i told my father that i needed to go to the doc. and they swabed the area, finding out it was gh. after that my father informed me that he had it. i never knew if he got it in his life. or got it from my mom. after caring for my mom in that personal way. i was so mad that my father didnt inform me to always use gloves. when helping taking care of my mother. but it can be easily spread without, having sex. over 10 years later after turning 18 and graduating from high school. both of my parents have died. for getting it at a teen, and being able to go to your mom for help are lucky. i could not. Good luck to any every one. valrex is very good for thouse who can afford it.


Hi, I could be wrong but I thought I heard that Vaseline is NOT a good thing to apply and can actually prolong the time it takes for the sores to heal. I've gotten great relief from making a paste of super fine oatmeal (you can use a spice grinder or food processor) and warm water. Apply, let it sit for a few minutes, rinse it off and use a blow dryer on the cool setting to dry. Do this a few times a day. Oatmeal soothes itching and is a natural cleanser. It totally relieves the sores and is a super cheap remedy.

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