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Ok girls, I've been dealing with bv for about 6 months now,and I hate it I've lost all my confidence and I'm too worried about the smell to get close to anybody it's so embarrassing. I'm so glad I found this site it helps to know that im not alone and it has helped me discover my own remedy. So starting today im goin to try this...soak a tampon in 1/2 hydrogen peroxide 1/2 water wear it for 30 minutes every other night,sleep without underwear, increase my daily water intake 2glasses of 100% cranberry juice, insert 1 250mg noncoated vitamin c before bed every other night, eat one cup of Greek yogurt a day, take a multivitamin everyday take garlic pills and wash with Johnsons baby wash. It sounds like alot to do but if it works I'll do anything. Thanks for everyones suggestions. Wish me luck. I'll let everyone know if it works.

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How long are you having to do this for? And how soon will it go away?


The most effective is inserting vitamin C1000 in vagina and take multivitamins or vit D orally.. Someone has been post here about this remedy so i did.. I had bv for many years i did evrything including tampon with yoghurt or garlic or douche.. Taking acidophilos and none of them works.. So i been to doctor last year and i took metronidazole after 2 yrs its came back so i took again metronidazole but after 4 days its came back.. So i decided to search for home remedy and glad that i found vitamin C as treatment for bv... The next morning it was gone.. I took multivitamins a-z orally and vit C1000 vaginally.. Hope this can help to u too..

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