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We fought lice for months spent hundreds of dollars on crap from pharmacy. The stuff with permetherine in worked but did not kill nits. So again we battled. We started using white vinegar for hair rinse every night. Just prince and leave in. Then wait the to fifteen minutes and use the metal comb all the nits comb right out. The vinegar dissolves the nitglue and they comb out. No success with those blue plastic combs though. And we used kitchen bug spray with permtherin on beds and stuffies. Finally a real fix.... Cheap-easy-efective-safe. Never have lice again. Just prince hair with vinegar at least once a week. Who knew!!!!!! Really works

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gotta kill those lice


Thank you so much for your post. So, I've figured the tiny creatures that have been crawling in my hair is lice. I started with NIX treatment, but it didn't work. Then I used mayo and olive oil, both of the methods didn't work for me. Perhaps I didn't do it right.

Last night, I took your advice and used vinegar. I've noticed less tiny creatures in my hair today, I will use vinegar again tonight and the rest of the week. Hopefully, it will go away.


what kind of kitchen spry


Hey guys

I have one lice that is not getting out. I thought of vinegar myself, thinking the acid should kill it off BUT i figured that vinegar is very acidic and may also affect my hair follicle and cause my hair to fall out (in future).

Has anyone got any research or info how vinegar could negatively affect hair follicle? I wouldnt want to go bald a few years earlier just because of a lice.


No, vinegar does not harm infact when I was young and in 7 grade back in1992 my mom put vinegar in my head for hair lice removal and it I am a mother of three and my hairs are me it works.


Vinegar does work to come out the nits as mentioned. This is going to be round 4 however for my 8 yr old daughter! Last round we did use the vinegar after a lice treatment shampoo! A friend from work, we both work in medical, has tried mayo for her child yrs ago and it too worked! Lice also does not like anything with alcohol products in it! So, what we do and highly recommend is putting mouse or hair spray in the childs hair after treatment like on the their way to school the next day ect.

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