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Ok, so when I first found out I had genital warts. I was worried but I also did my research. Going to the doctor was OUT of the question, because I didn't want anybody knowing that I had them. So, the started to appear mid, I just kind of let them go untreated until I went home for Thanksgiving break. I'm a college student by the way. So, over Thanksgiving break, I began applying ACV..then I had to go back to school. Ii didn't take the vinegar with me though. So their condition remained the same. Big. So, I actually tried pulling them off by hand. That was PAINFUL and you bleed alot so I wouldn't recommend doing that. I read that some people cut them off with an exacto-knife...I don't do well with that type of pain so that was not happening. So Christmas Bbreak rolls around, when I got home I started back with ACV, and after the 4th or 5th day it started to really burn. It eventually got to the point where I couldn't take the burn anymore so I tried pulling them off. THEN I heard about the duct tape method. Now, I just started applying duct tape everyday in early January. I was faithful at replacing duct tape. It's now the end of February and my huge warts are now GONE! Thank God! So I would recommend the duct tape method.

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If you don't like vinager why don't you try Hydrogen Peroxide. It works on GW . Good luck . By the way don't make it bleed because you just spread GW more and more .
Good luck


Please keep in mind that GW is ' extremely Contagious ' . So don't try to pull or make it bleed.


What is the duct tape method

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