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Damn You OB

I am 30 years old and have had GH since late 2006. This has been life altering, especially when a OB happens. When first diagnosed of course they say take the pills...well I have tried every last one of them and they DONT work for me. I don't get sick often so I cant say my immune system is weak. I have tried many things, but what I can say has worked the longest for me is to get a Brazilian! Yes ladies get it all off! I didn't have a bush before, I would trim the hairs as low as possible. Since getting sugared(natural form of hair removal) I have seen a significant decline in OB's. I was having them almost every month. I went for like 6mos without an OB! I just started recently again getting them it seems like every other month after my period. I was using Benadryl itch spray when I felt an OB coming and this usually took the symptoms away or made a shorter OB. Yes it burns! Having this can put such a damper on your sex life. It seems like every time I need to have sex in my relationship..OB!!! Its frustrating and unless you have this can you understand the immense pain. I always get OB's in the most horrible places. Like right now I have one behind my vagina, but right by butt hole...great! So its nearly impossible for this to air out! Sorry to be so graphic but we are all discussing this annoying 'skin condition' Why cant it come on my thigh? But I guess it wouldn't be genital no would it? I would take the least I wouldn't avoid drinking or eating so I wont have to go to the bathroom. Anyhoo I appreciate everyones comments on here. I went and bought the propolis today so hopefully this will help.

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