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I am one of the rare males that suffer from migraines. I have had migraines 4-5 times a week since I was 14 I am 21 now. Normally a cup of black coffee and a hot towel have worked but recently nothing has helped, I am on prescription meds and still nothing. I will try anything at this point so if anyone has anything new to try let me know!

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What medications are you on?


I get migraines about 3x a week and work in a tea shop, I have found some great remedies that work, but you have to be willing to try something new. What I usually find that helps with mine is drinking a jasmine and mint tea blend. The ones that we carry at my shop are also green teas so they help to regulate blood sugar levels (which could be part of a cause for headaches. Since you're not able to eat -at least I'm not- when you have a migraine, your blood sugar levels are going to drop. Not only that, but mint helps to relieve the headaches as well. On top of that, blended with the Jasmine (which helps to relax you, and lower nausea -which can occur during a migraine-) is a great, mild flavor that won't have you feeling even more nauseous after you drink it; Usually anything besides H2O during my attacks makes me want to vomit, so I like the very subtle flavor.

Hope this helps, if you're willing to try it out.


Contrary to popular belief, heat does not work for me. I have packed my head in ice while also covering my body with blankets and robes to keep it warm. Within 30 minutes, I can physically feel the change in my head. Hope this is something that helps you.


This is not a home remedy, but when I got migraines on a regular basis, my doc started me on amytryptilin. It is commonly used in very low doses for any sort of chronic pain condition and worked like a charm for me. You take it daily for prevention. Not sure if you've already tried it, but if not it's worth a conversation with your doc.


Have you tried acupuncture? It has reduced the intensity of pain an also the frequency. You don't lose anything by trying. If you are afraid of needles don't be, the prick is painless.


I too am a male afflicted with migraines. The key is to find your triggers. One of my triggers is my sinus/allergies. My Dr. told me I have tension headaches since mine are concentrated in my temples (I can feel the veins near my temples throbbing). I will take the standard Tylenol and caffine (the ingredients of otc migraine meds), sinus/allergy pill, and herbal stress tabs along with prescribed anxiety meds. I have recently concluded my blood pressure may be a trigger, so I throw in niacin and magnesium to help regulate bp and flax seed oil to help with inflammation.

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