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I have tried numerous medical and natural treatments for hives. The one product that has worked miraculously for me are VS-C by Nature's Sunshine. These are traditional Chinese herbs like licorice root and ginseng root. I take the dosage of four capsules four times a day (16 capsules per day) and within a couple days of a horrible outbreak (large itchy hives covering large sections of my body and swelling of my hands and lips) the hives were gone. I still use antihistamine combinations of Zyrtec and Benadryl for maintenance, and I have to be careful not to eat heavily processed foods, preservatives or get too hot. When doing this I can go weeks without a single hive, but even when I get hives they are milder, localized outbreaks that go away much faster. I will continue this regimen until my body fully recovers which could take months or years, but with the VS-C Chinese Herbs I am able to enjoy life again. I hope this advice will help others as it has helped me.

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