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the smiles

All I have 2 say is raisins! Iv tried the tea, the milk the hot cloth. Vinegar have had this stye 4 like a week feeling like kwazimodo! People suggested my morning pee... NO.. So some old lady rocked up an shez like raisins, open the raisin an apply the fleshy side 2 the infected are leave it there. Bfore u know it its draining. Old people rock!

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Learn to type in english.


Learn to type in English.


I agree. I can't understand what they are trying to say.


I agree. If you cannot spell or express yourself with the written word, then there is no communication. You made no sense.


Shame on you people for attacking someone's written language!!!! Bet you couldn't do as good a job in their language.


A person who speaks poor English shows you that they are multi-lingual. Are YOU? Thank you for the tip!

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