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I am Feeling the symptoms of a Kidney Infection. I have never had one but have suffered from Yeast and Urinary Tract Infections in the past. I believe I am suffering from a Kidney Infections because all my symptoms are similar to that of a Kidney Infection. I immediately went online to search for natural at home remedies for a kidney Infection. There i found The Majority of people Recommending the following:
-Drink plenty of water
-100% Cranberry Juice
-Cranberry Pills
-Garlic Pills
-Echinacea Pills
-Spoonful of baking soda in glass of water 3-4 X a day
-Aloe Vera juice
-Increase in Vitamin C intake
-Colloidal Silver
-Dandelion Root
-Ibuprofen (to help with inflammation pain)
-Magnesium Pills

I am on my way to the store to get as much of these items on the list that I am able to find. I'm Desperate to try all of these at any cost because I am Currently Uninsured. A lot of you have indicated that symptoms will clear and I will feel better within a day but I continue to take for at least a week. I will keep you all posted. Thank you for your advice.

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In all honesty, after you buy all of that, you'll have spent the 80.00 on a doctor and the 17 on antibiotics. So insurance doesn't have much to do with this one.


Oil of oregano supplement will cure the kidney infection make sure it's at least 70% percent carvacrol, a natural phenol which inhibits bacterial growth. Oils with a lesser carvacrol concentration will not be as effective you can find it as GNC use as directed.


Never mess around with a kidney infection. It's very serious and you can die if it's not treated correctly. Spend the money on the doctor and get the much needed penicillin. I strongly believe in the goodies you listed but that won't do it.


I went to 2 different doctors and taken 5 sets of antibiotics and the infection is still. The doctor diagnosed me with phelonapharitus. So I started taking cranberry tablets and have seen an improvement. I have also done a range of scans and tests which have come out clear. I trust in natural remedies completely.

Linda Skempris

I have insurance. I will not go to a doctor because I have gotten infections from them. I have a kidney infection. I wouls stay as far away from the medical establishment as possible.


I had a kidney infection about two months ago and it was no fun. I came out of nowhere and with in 3 days I was at the ER. I spent 3 night there, missed work and used up my sick days. They had no idea what exactly coused the infection, but it was very bad. I completly understand you on the $$$ I have insurance wich covered for about $12,000 but I'm still stuck with a $1,700 . these past few days I have been getting some of the symptoms and am terrified to get back to the hospital so i'm researching on all the natural or home remedies I can take to not let that happen.


If you have a kidney infection never ever take painkillers. They are murder on your kidneys. I didn't start peeing blood until I took painkillers for the lower back pain before I knew it was a kidney infection. Also don't drink any carbonated drinks or caffein. Also garlic is an excellent antibiotic and antiviral supplement but contains sulfur. I was told to avoid sulfur during the infection so cranberry juice and echinacea and lots of water may be the best course.

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