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So after reading a few of these posts I thought compelled to write a little remedy that I tried that removed all traces of these painful little bastards in the hope that it helps others in the same situation - it's a miserable affliction that can happen to anyone -

A member of te HPV virus family these little blighters caused me soo much pain, misery and discomfort, I tried my own remedy which cleared all traces of them within 3 days and was pain free ...and if it has the chance to help others out there I am happ to share.

So the key is a combination of antisceptic body talc called 'lanacane' / anti-bacterial/antiseptic wipes and 'bio oil' (which if you are in the UK can be bought in most large Boots pharmacy stores .

so ... heres the regime

After a shower, use the talc to dry the affected areas ... this should instantly help as it is mediated and anticeptic so sterilises the infected area. leave on for 5 /10 mins you should feel instantly better. now stage 2, apply the bio oil. This prevents scaring and the warts drying out / cracking your skin, literally allowing you to go about your day pain free. Keep the area as clean as you possibly can. In the evening I found that using antibacterial antiseptic wipes and just laying them over infected area (like a mini bandage/pad ) and leaving overnight worked wonders! i noticed improvements by the first day by doing this, by the 2nd day I was completely pain free and by the third day the warts were gone (I had ass back!) ... I kept up the regime for a few days after to ensure all traces were gone, and the blighters have not recoured since.

I hope that this helps all those out there - it is treatable without going down the painful acid route - but do go t the docs if I persists

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It seems is a simple method, but I'm really desesperated and I will give it a try, can anyone comment if someone else succeed with this method?


I've been suffering with warts for the last couple years and this remedy was the closest to mine. I buy antiseptic alcohol and drench a kleenex in it then I place it between my butt at night on top of the wart by morning the wart shrinks and continue until the wart is gone I also use bio oil to stop discoloration


Hey i just want to kno does the anticept burn in any way


is it really works even for big warts?so ill just buy alcohol and kleenex tissue ?
the process is ill drain kleenex tisuue with alcohol and put it in my external anus and leave overnight? am i correct? pls rep

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