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Yellow (or) a random capshunr

Hey every one! Ok so I have read that cutting ALL diary products out of your life will cure acne. But I can't do that. I love dairy so that isn't gonna work. (Chocolate is included in this category! :-0) So I did a little more research and found that lemon juice works. So I tried it. IT TOTALLY WORKED!!! My acne is really clearing. So what you do is squish all the juice out of a lemon. If you have a sponge paint brush apply it (the lemon juice) with that. If you don't use a cotton ball. Do this at night after washing your face. I put some moisturizer on after. THIS WILL MAKE YOUR FACE FEEL FUNNY AND IT WILL HURT for about ten seconds. Do this before you go to bed. You might have to do it a week or so to get results. If you have sensitive skin you might want to dilute it with water. It will work if you are consistent.
Thank you!
I really hope this helps someone!
PLEASE comment below and tell me how it goes.
Get my attention with the nickname 'a random capshunr' or 'yellow'
I will try to help you more if you post your comments asking me by the nicknames.
Thanks! :-)

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How long do you leave it on for?


I would think that it would be left on overnight since it is followed by the moisturizer.

help with my breakouts

can you use the lemon juice in the little plastic lemons you buy in the store by the lemons?

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