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I am 46 years old and have suffered from adult acne since the age of 19. I went to see a dermatologist when my face became covered in cystic acne (my back and chest were also badly affected.) I tried tetracycline, had shots directly into the cysts and went on two rounds of accutane. The only thing that finally helped was going on birth control pills.
After getting married and we decided to try and get pregnant, so I nervously went off the pill. It took several years, but eventually the cystic acne returned. I could not get rid of one cyst beofore several more had joined it. I made an appointment with my dermatologist, but had to wait a mont and a half to be seen. By the time my appointment date came around, all my cysts were gone! I had nothing to show her, so I just got a regular skin check. I thought about what I had been doing differently during those 6 weeks to cause the acne to cease. I wasn't doing anything new topical. The only change I realized I had made to my diet, was that I was eating at least half of a ruby red grapefruit a day. It was just a fluke! They were on sale, and I love them, so I was eating them daily. turns out they are extremely high in vitamin C, lycopene and help promote collagen production! I know this sounds way too simple to work, but I have been doing this for three months now, with NO ACNE FLAIR UPS WHATSOEVER! My skin also looks smoother and softer, wrinkles seem to be diminishing along with my acne scars. I w3ish i had known about this sooooo many years ago. Good luck!

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