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Iv had worse toothache iv ever had. Since no insurance(& dont want the gov givin me any 'free' insurance!! Nothings free!) I have put off going to dentist. I dont blieve n going to get teeth cleaned as much as dentists say to. Disrupts normal flora n mouth an i think gives them more pt's. go once a yr if no issues. Well,had root canal n 2010 by two dentists, 1 did root canal($1300)& other drilled down tooth an put crown on($900). Credit card!! Well, guess what? The tooth thats supposedly dead is hurting an bad now!! Bunch of crap! Im not payin to get it refixed!!?? Anyway, Took 3 ibup. every 5-6hrs along with tramadol i had.Brushed teeth(lightly!) & warm very salty water n gargle. Im thinkin im gonna try tea bag thing next. Anyone know how?? Called my dentist for appt this wk an he out of town all wk!! Mon is appt ! There is dr on call if it gets unbearable. Almost there! Been hurting for couple wks. Any more remedies?? Thanks!!

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As a dentistry student, I have found out that getting a root canal is not really the answer to your aching tooth. In root canal they will open your teeth wide so they could drill and take nerve out and like every dentist does they put crown onto it. Eventually because there is a living tooth next to it the nerve will come back in a year probably less than a year. If your tooth has a big opening to it, it is more exposed to bacterias. There is no way of saving it. Root canal is just temporary. Might as well take the tooth out


Home remedies cut a onion in to a piece that u can put on the bad tooth and gum maybe a couple pieces let them soak on tooth and gum .do not bite down..
Keep doing this , the pain will gradially go away.... it does work!!!!

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