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well ladies i have come to the conclusion different things work for different women when it comes to this ratchet disease. like most of your doctors, mine prescribed flagyl and metrogel. i had to see an ob/gyn and he reccommended a medicated douche (iodine and water) and vh essentials capsules. after douching and taking the capsules, i have no symptoms. no itching, burning, discharge or smell. ive added a multivitamin as well, and started eating yogurt, too. my vaginal health is finally restored after suffering from BV for two years.

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Vh essential capsule?? What is that? And where can i get it??


hey i was wondering i have bv for a year now i heard that taking a bath once a week with baking soda in it work for some people im goign to give it a try for a couple week to see if it work.


I found the capsules at wal mart in the womens health department. Beside the rephresh stuff(: Working for me!


I am 32, I have been dealing with horrible stuff since the age of 20. I get it at least 2-3 times a month (every time I have sex) I have had the same sexual partner for 5 of these years (my husband) I have tried ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, except what is posted here, I am willing do do ANYTHING to feel 'normal' again. I hope this works. The last concoction I tried was given to me by a Gyno who had the same issues, one probiotic (live, the ones kept in the fridge) and two garlic pills a day, bathe once a week in a couple of drops of tea tree oil. I've tried that this past month but it didn't work. We shall see!!

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