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Cie J.

Hello all,
I too have suffered from restless legs for years. I was on Trazadonne for it for several years. Worked quite well at first then not as well but still afforded a decent night's sleep. The only problem was it left me feeling drugged even during the day.
So, weaned myself off of them and now use melatonin and licorice root supplement with cal/mag and I get good relief. Also, I have greatly reduced white sugar, white flour and basically all empty carbs from my diet.
Thirdly, a hot shower and a cup of chamomile tea about an hour before bed also help.
If I have a bout in the middle of the night, I immediately get up and do some housework or leg exercises until it subsides. I'm a single, Christian woman so the orgasm remedy is not currently an option! Hope this helps! Blessings to you all.

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Is self love not allowed, cause it certainly says I can love my neighbor.....but he's ugly.


medicine has a lot of side effects you can give privic spray a try its all natural and it will work the first 30 seconds you use it. I was in the same situation as you and it worked on me.


Ummm. I never read in the bible that you aren't allowed to give yourself lovin! As a woman you ahould be able to get yourself off!


After years of steadily increasing RLS symptoms I did finally find the cause. My home had hidden toxic mold that was poisoning me. I did not believe I had mold at first (someone on the internet knew about my symptoms and told me to investigate) but found it was true. Getting out of mold fixed not only my RLS but almost all of my health problems. this is not at all well known yet as a cause and needs to be made more known.

Woody Allen

Don't knock masturbation, it's with someone I love.


I have suffered for year with rls. after sleep studies the dr put me on carbidopa/levidopa(a medication they give to parkinsons patients). I didn't have it every night and the medicine worked for years. When it stopped working the dr. put me on requip. Which works but I have to take it every night and it does make me fall asleep. I have cut all stimulants out of my diet and it hasn't helped. If my rls kicks in before the medicine does, masturbation does work. ( I am also a single woman that believes in God. I believe He wants me to be happy and if it is not at the expense of someone else(which a hook up would be) I don't believe He would deny me self love. I wonder if masturbation works because of the chemicals in your brain that get secreted during sex? I will try some of the home remedies also. It would be great not to be on medication for the rest of my life.

Woody Allen

Remember the Orgasmatron from 'Sleeper'? Bet they don't have RLS in the future!


I'm a Christian too hun. I don't believe masterbation is a sin. I actually searched the scriptures a while back looking for anywhere that it was indicated as a sin or anything else. Though I found a scripture or two that talked about what to do 'when' a person masterbates, there were no verses that called it a sin on its own. However, often masterbation is accompanied by sinful things like porn or can influence sinful thoughts or behavior. In this case it should be avoided, of course, but on the surface, if it doesn't cause u to sin, it's not a sin, according to what I've learned from my studying.

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