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Ricola cough drops and hot decaf mint herbal tea (with honey if you have a cough - personally i prefer the taste sans honey).

I like the ricola honey lemon drops the best - for whatever reason the herbs in the drops just open up my sinuses completely. any flavor should do - and in theory other brands of cough drops that have menthol flavoring also would probably work - but ricola IMO is definitely the best and you cant overdo it.

also - sinus rinse. ive found the neti pot (it looks like a blue version of the genie lamp from the movie alladin) to not work for me, instead i use a positive pressure version, i think its called sinus rinse? its a clear bottle with a black cap and it comes with special salt packets. you can find it at drugstores for $10-15. i rinse the nose piece with rubbing alcohol between colds/infections to keep it sanitary.

also - hydrogen peroxide 3% (most commonly found in drugstores and supermarkets) - i put about a capful in my ear, with head tilted almost horizontal, and let it sit for a few minutes until i head a whoooooosh. youll hear bubbling and popping, it might be a little uncomfortable but harmless and not painful. repeat with the other ear. dont overdo it though - H2O2 is bad for your skin, it kills good cells and in stronger forms acts as a bleach. i do this after the sinus rinse - the positive pressure tends to clog my ears, somehow this equalizes the pressure and relieves the sinuses overall.

vitamin C in very large doses (i take emergen-c drink mix twice a day - i like the raspberry flavor), and zinc 50mg twice a day.

and in general, spicy food. avoid dairy products - they increase mucus production.

and last but not least, 12 or 24hr sudafed behind the counter at the drugstore - the one that contains pseudophedrine HCI (not the over the counter kind - it does not work!). in the US you have to show ID to purchase it - people use it as an ingredient in making meth. don't take vitamin C when taking sudafed, it lessens the potency of the sudafed and makes it last a shorter amount of time. don't take sudafed if you have a heart condition, and don't take it without asking a pharmacist if you are taking other meds to make sure they dont interact negatively.

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