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OK. So I am have been having some serious pain. Its Saturday night and won't be able to make an appointment till Monday morning so I'm stuck with what I have. Anyways. I tried ice packs BC. The pain was shooting into my temple too it was so bad I just sat at the table a bawled. I was looking through some people's remedies and came up with keep in mind that nobody's is the same. In my case I have secondary wisdom teeth which is another set of wisdom teeth I'm not supposed to have. I believe I also have and infection too. Anyways...I made a concoction of pure vanilla extract...ground cloves and cinnamon. And made into a paste. I was very desperate and had tried just about everything so I figures why the heck not..I put this past on my gums around my cracked tooth and where my gums are swollen and BAM no joke...numb! It kinda stung but it went numb. I'm sitting here now with a cough drop in my mouth...but I would recommended

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That really worked. Thank you

Xiomara Pagan

Omg I have a bad infection and pain


this helped alot thanks but i made my paste in my magic bullet so i threw in a few (2 or 3) acetaminophen in too and its fantastic i just cat seem to stop salivating tho....


im so pumped i saw someone else do this..several weeks ago my husband woke me in the night with a severe toothache..had no orajel so googled home remedies.this one came up with the additional ingrediant of pepper and it last night i get a nudge in the middle of the night...babe..can u make that toothache stuff for a dentist


seems to be helping mine is also second wisdom teeth and a molar on bottom gotta get to a dentist


I didn't have the vanilla extract, but clove oil cinnamon powder and olive helped. I knew about clove oil but adding cinnamon and olive oil helped better than the clove oil alone. Thanks.


Lemongrass essential Oil knocks out all pain. Thank you Saint Apollonia for leading me to Lemongrass Oil.


Thank u! No more grumpy hubby! Great advice :D


How much of each did u put in it cuase I
Want to try it for my husband just don't know how much of each to put


I cannot believe how well this is working. For years I have had tooth pain. Tried the garlic and although it stopped the throbbing pain was still there. But better. But then I tried this. Still slight pain but Its nothing like it was

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