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I tried taking a small piece of bred and basically packing it in the offending tooth. I left in on there until it dissolved then did it again and again. In fact I have one in there now. Not sure why it works but it takes away 99% of the pain. Hope it works!

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I have tried this and it works ! Does a great job feeling no pain but the bad part about it is I have to change it every 7 minutes will it ever go away using this method ? I've basically been thru a whole loaf of bread in a hrs time


It may be the only thin that works for you, but bread is all carbohydrates so it's basically just putting sugar in your tooth. It may help now, but in the long run it's going to be much worse for your teeth.


at least the pains gone now so It wont hurt when I brush


That's werid but awesome . I never thought bread would work but it did for me to


Oh my God it really works. The bread in the tooth. I have been in pain for a couple weeks. Tried heating pad, hot water bottle, ibuprofen. Thank you!!!!

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