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I recently put together a facial special for eczema, you're going to need half a teaspoon of vaseline/ petroleum jelly. It doesn't matter what brand. You're also going to need half a teaspoon of hydrocortisone cream and hydrocortisone ointment. Add in a squirt of Aveeno lotion, along with a squirt of GoldBond Aloe haeling lotion. Last, add a little bit of scar cream, because there will most likely be scaring. Mix it all together then spread an even coat of it where its needed. For me its my face, arms, and neck, i've been having eczema since i was born. Wash your face with an UN-scented face soap and moisterize your face with un scented lotion. Do this two times a day and within a week the eczema will slowly dissapear.
I know I am only 13, but I make this and it works. If you want you can add a banana because it is smooth and makes your face smoother. It also makes it more of a facial. Oats also make a good substance in this recipe

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