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zhane harris

My boyfriends been having very bad tooth pain in da bottom right molar so I crushed up a tylenol dip it in warm water with q tip dapped on the tooth. Den I did toothpaste on a q tip dapped it on tooth n gums n had him swish salt warm water with a warm home made heating pad wet a dry towel with warm water place it in a grocery bag placed it in the microwave for 2 min n placed it on a dry towel placed it on da side of his face now he sound to sleep try dis you may get resutls good luck

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But for the person that posted this, Thank you for taking the time to be helpful ! :)


What difference does it make? It's not like she's turning in her thesis here, or is writing for the New Yorker. She's obviously a sweet person and believe me, if what she says helps your toothache, you will be grateful she took the time to write a suggestion. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Sarah Sucks

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You are very sweet for using the knowledge you gained to help others in pain. Please ignore the inconsiderate people who took 5 minutes out of their day to provide crappy feedback that does nothing to help anyone. They are sad, pathetic and helpless beings. I pray that they can, in some way, find it in their hearts to start thinking before they speak. Also, please remember they too must have been in pain if they took time to Google this website. Good luck and I hope your boyfriends tooth is better. Take care and thank you for your helpful advice.

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