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zhane harris

My boyfriends been having very bad tooth pain in da bottom right molar so I crushed up a tylenol dip it in warm water with q tip dapped on the tooth. Den I did toothpaste on a q tip dapped it on tooth n gums n had him swish salt warm water with a warm home made heating pad wet a dry towel with warm water place it in a grocery bag placed it in the microwave for 2 min n placed it on a dry towel placed it on da side of his face now he sound to sleep try dis you may get resutls good luck

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Please jump off a bridge. Type like a human! Wtf the hell is 'da' and what in the world is 'den'?


will u be my gf ??


Not sure if this will work considering I have no idea what you are talking about! You might want to consider going to school and learn proper grammar...if you could maybe resubmit your tip in proper english, other people could perhaps utilize your tip(s) and benefit from said tips! You are an idiot!




I tried this and help a lot! thanks you so much!


What on earth is wrong with people? Learn how to type properly.


Proper grammar or not you know what she wrote. She took the time to try to help others, so what if she can't use proper grammar. If you don't like it or don't have the intelligence to recognize what she is trying to type then just move on. Nobody knows her situation she might not have had proper education or the opertunity for it. What she did for her boyfriend was a nice gesture and apparently it worked for him and someone else according to the comments. Not sure why everyone needs to try to put one another down.


I think people just get aggravated trying to read that crap.It is obvious for the most part she can spell,some of the big words are spelled correctly,there for one can only asume she likes talking like a hoodlum or thinks its cute? I dont know.I do know I would not use ghetto words lik dis and den and not expect comments from people telling me I sound like an idiot that never passed da sekond grade.guud luk krack head


Thanks for your advice... The homemade heating pad idea seems so creative and I will be sure to try it. Oh, and by the way, Pay No Mind to all the rudeness and name calling - The mere fact that you took time out of your day to try and help others truly exceeds anything spellcheck could recommend. THANKS AGAIN!


What a moron, dis, dat DUH! GO back to school & learn how to talk you freak

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