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Here's something to add that I think helped me: put some warm olive oil in the ear and lay on your side for about 10 minutes with an electric heating pad on medium or high draped over your ear ( a hot water bottle might work too). The heat from the pad helps melt the wax. Wipe the oil out and use the syringe with warm water over the sink or in the shower. I think the trick is to keep blasting the syringe- I had to do it about a dozen times 'til the wax came out.( The stream of water from a water pik sounds like it would be helpful but I don't have one)

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I've heard that a WaterPik could damage your eardrum - rather don't ususe it in your ears


You are right, the water pik worked great
On lowest setting. After the olive oil for a few minutes then the streaming water of the pik, the wax fell out in the sink.THANK YOU!


Can you use vegie oil instead????


Veg oil can go rancid. Not sure about olive oil


I just now used your method! Wow! I put in peroxide though n used the water pick!! OMG! The 'ball' these guys r talking about, well yep , one came out!! I then thought to do next ear with out the peroxide n wax came out n I could hear but I just knew there was more in there. So i used peroxide and a few mins later used the water pick and wow there it was! Another 'ball' what a great idea using the water pick! If using water pick , just start on a lower pressure just to make sure u don't damage ur ear! Thank u thank u!!!


I used this method this morning. Just as the comment said after olive oil heat & rinsing with warm water & a syringe...the crap washed out into the sink. Amazing the amount of crud. Thanks for the advice


WARNING!! DO NOT EVER USE A HEATING PAD, ELECTRIC OR GEL, ON YOUR EAR CANAL. The heat is far too intense for the delicate ear canal and can result in a popped ear drum. Trust me - that's what happened to me, had to have it repaired surgically - NO FUN! :(


My ear hurt for a month. I went to the Dr. And he said it was infected and prescribed antibiotics and gave me a steroid shot. After finishing the antibiotics, my ear hurt even more. I was in a lot of pain and couldn't hear out of my left ear. I decided to check on line and found this site. After reviewing all the threads.I decided to try the olive oil and water method. When I was young in the 60's my mom always used what she called sweet oil s I trusted the olive oil. It's natural. WHAT AN AMAZING MIRACLE!!!! I can hear and the disgusting clump of blood and wax came out!!!!! I did use the bulb syringe and used several bursts quickly. Thank you so much!!!!!!

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