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Fed up

How horrible are these little bastards that seem to be such a huge part of so many people's lives?! I'm a 26yr old female and was diagnosed about 5 months ago. My doctor gave me Aldera, got to say it is horrible. It wasn't painfully putting it on but after 4 days of using the cream I was in so much pain (to the point I could hardly walk!) that I stopped using it - plus the fact that it cost $130. They did go down, didn't completely clear up so I've left it until now. However the little bastards seem to be coming back so after reading all the threads on here today I'm starting with the apple cider vinegar on a cotton wool bud and putting inbetween my bum cheeks. Gota say it does really really sting but everyone seems to have so much luck with it I thought its got to be worth a try! I'm also eating super healthly, taking acv, garlic and omega vits. I really really hope this works... This is day one so I'll let you all know how it goes! Tea tree oil seems to be good as well so if this doesn't work I'll move onto that!

Chin up guys! Hope you're all making progress with which ever method you're using.

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I started using it yesterday. I use a cotton ball soaped in acv and put it in my anus. It did seem the warts are smaller (or I imagined it). But th skin around anus burns like hell. I can't even wipe it as I usually do.

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