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For menstrual cramps: When I was young my grandma used to do this to me and it would really work and trust me I had the worst cramps.I even fainted once at school. I do this to my daughter too and helps a lot. First you warm your ironer NOT TO HOT. Then fold a towel and put over your stomach. Then iron the towel just like you would with a shirt. It's simple and easy.

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That sounds very dangerous.


why not try a heating pad? much safer!!!duh


If u have a hot-water bottle ..gud 4 u ,if not ...IRON is what i used to do on a tick towel...its so relieving..and pls ITS NOT DANGEROUS if u are a smart!!


I dont think this is dangerous, if you are a able minded adult. I can see where the ironing motion, the pressure could feel like kneading of the tummy and THAT feels good when Im cramping. I am going to tell my partner about


Maybe a rolling pin (for the back and forth motion of the iron) along with a heat pad? Just a suggestion.


Get a heating pad or hot water bottle for crying out load.


First thing all of you need to work on your spelling and grammar. So your grandmother must not have had electricity. This is not a good idea for anyone to try my cousin got third degree burns from this redickulos idea.


This Is Stupid I Tried This Remedie and I burnt my stomach...ur crazy to do this to ur daughter u r a bad mother...butt face


For those of you who think this is bad, DON'T TRY IT!....It works for her. Also, to the person who told everyone to check their spelling and grammar, CHECK YOUR SPELLING!...It's 'ridiculous', retard.


To tell you the truth, you guys are just amusement to me when I read your comments.

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