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I have had a plantar wart mosaic on the ball of my foot for several years. I tried the over the counter remedies, using a penny, banana peel and the duct tape. Finally about three months ago I was really fed up with it. It was painful and growing. I sat and really thought about what the warts were and how they grew. Something struck me. The thought of smothering them, I mean really smothering them. I took my terra cotta exfoliator and really went to town. I had the warts bleeding some. I then covered the whole area with Super glue. When the glue would start to peel off a few days later I would repeat the process. I did this for a solid two to three months. I'm thrilled to say that I am 100% wart free! It worked. I feel like the glue smothered them out. I am so grateful to not have the pain and embarassment any longer.

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I had plantar wart for about a year on my right foot and by reading all of the comments and suggestions from this website it gave me an EFFECTIVE way on how to remove it.

1. plantar warts likes moist area and i use to wear closed shoes all the time and what i did, i always bring my flip flops in the office so I would wear them when I'm seating and of course i would remove them and wear closed shoes in case your boss calls you out or when going for lunch or on a meeting ( let your feet breathe)

2. wipe the area of your foot with a cotton ball with alcohol let it dry then place a few drops of DUOFILM on the wart then let it dry for 2-3 minutes it should be dry when you touch it then cover the area with super glue.

3. after 2 days or so, check the area if the super glue looks like it could be pilled off, I would use a nail nipper to dig into the wart area. remove all the dead skin but make sure not to let it bleed that much that if you place a DUOFILM again blood still oozing through dont let that happen.

4. repeat the same procedure again and again until the wart get smaller and smaller

5. remember let your feet breathe don't wear closed shoes all the time.

Thanks for the comments ans suggestion of people from this website the wart on my foot disappeared after 1 MONTH. I wish I was kidding but no. just let your feet stay dry and do what i have told you..

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