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Unbearable toothache through all night...tried everything!!! Went to the 24hour open tesco, bought colgate sensitive pro relief, unbelievable!!! Worked like a charm, going to sleep in a bit, hope this helps...

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It's whats helping my.. aqauafresh tooth paste lol


omg this is working at 2 am thank u so much

smokey camden town

This actually helped I've got a set box now of miniature colgate pro sensitive relief toothpaste thanks for the tips, I also found it helpful to fold the smallest piece of tissue up with some of the above toothpaste onit and like mold it over the hurting tooth front to back its really helped a lot now I feel no pain at all unless I actually bite down on my tooth but hey no biting for me till I get my butt to the dentist haha


Colgate sensitive pro-relief really works! Thanks you so muchh.. instant relief! Really great! ..

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