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I started my periods when i was 12 that was during my annual exams.. The first year the pain was not so severe but after dat omg... My cramps are so extreme that i have nausea, vomitting and some times i even lost conciousness in my boyfriends arms.... For relieveing pain i drink ginger tea without sugar as i m diabetic .. Heating pad helps in alot ... I try to stretch... It helps alot ..nd cycling also... Keep ur mind of ur pains nd read a book or watch tv orchat with sum1 ( your boyfriend )... Having sex is also a gud option... I didnt hav sex... The others help a lot... Dnt take painkillers like midol.. Drink warm water with salt and ginger... Suck on a peppermint toffee or ask ur boyfriend to massage ur lower abdomen with his warm hands.. Helps a lot..

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Exercise helps a lot ..just befor yer period try to do lots running or dancing..I swear it heaps a lot


Can you spell?


I have no idea what you said...

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